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Radio Westworld
Episode 11: Journey Into Night

What is real? What are dreams? Where have we been? John and Roberto are back, exploring these questions and many others, as they recap and review “Journey Into Night,” the first episode of Season 02 of Westworld! After a long hiatus we are eager and ready to join you in this journey filled with new secrets, mysteries, and theories for you to ponder. Plus Cowboy Philosophy, your feedback, and more!

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One comment on “Episode 11: Journey Into Night

  1. Brian Morris Apr 28, 2018

    Hey Guys,
    I am excited that you returned for the second season. Episode 2.1 was good overall. It had everything I think it needed to continue the story. I did notice a few things that I wanted to see your opinions about.
    The first concerns William’s, the Man in Black, injury. In the final season his right arm is injured during a fight with Delores. Injured to the point that he cannot move it during the gala. Now suddenly his right arm is healed and his left arm injured. They could have had him get shot in the same arm as his injury. This is a ridiculously small item, I know but it is a continuity error, probably. William could be a host after all. We just assume he is a human but he is kind of a super hero/villain with powers that far exceed a man his age.
    Second, I wonder if Ford was a host all of the time, or at least part of the time. That would explain his powers to control the actions of the hosts without any obvious means. Mav has the same powers so it is entirely possible that every interaction we saw last season between Ford and William or Ford and Teresa were really Host Ford. That would make some sense and explain Fords godlike powers.
    Third, the wolf that keeps appearing randomly. That screams of another HBO show…. I will be devastated, okay not really devastated but really annoyed, if the last scene is GOT is of someone hopping on a train and leaving the Delos super park.
    Next, I think we all agree that Bernard/Arnold is an unreliable narrator. I wonder if everything that is happening is just a show for him to reveal some piece of technological information that Sands/Delos needs.
    My final thought goes back to season one a little bit. There is a scene where Ford is talking about the destruction of the Neanderthals by early humans. I admit that I am not an anthropologist nor an expert on this topic but I am fairly certain that it had a lot more to do with birthrates that pure military or even mental supremacy. We have not watched a scene where the host are producing new hosts. They may have killed everyone in the park but so what? Humanity has nuclear weapons, tanks, airpower, sea power, combined arms doctrines. Oh and 7 billion humans, somewhere around 4.5 billion of which are in fighting age. How can a few thousand, even a hundred thousand, robots conquer the word. This is a threat only to the checkbooks of the investors in the park and the Delos corporation not the average citizen of the world, at least not yet.
    Thank you for doing the podcast. Roberto, I like your voice. I like John’s voice too.
    Brian Morris