Radio Westworld
Radio Westworld
Episode 14: The Riddle of the Sphinx

Another week riddled with mystery and mind-bending puzzles is here! John and Roberto attempt to solve The Riddle of The Sphinx, the fourth episode of Westworld, Season 2! What is the true purpose of the park? Is Bernard in controlled or is he being controlled? Who is in charge of Ghost Nation? And is Grace really Emily, William’s estranged daughter? All that plus your feedback and more philosophical musings await!

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2 comments on “Episode 14: The Riddle of the Sphinx

  1. williams wife probably took pills in the bathtub. there was no blood so that wasn’t a wrist cutting.

    • Roberto Suarez May 22, 2018

      I checked the episode again, and they show images of blood in the tub. They also specifically focus on her hand resting on the edge of the bathtub, and it has a reddish tinge to it.