Radio Westworld
Radio Westworld
Episode 22: The Absence of Field

John and Roberto return to discuss Episode 3 of Season 3 of Westworld, “The Absence of Field.” Who is inhabiting Charlotte’s body? Now that humans are on loops, how are they different from hosts? What does Serac want with the stolen park data? We ponder these and many other questions in today’s discussion!

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2 comments on “Episode 22: The Absence of Field

  1. Bill Oehrlein Apr 6, 2020

    Roberto and John,

    I’ve been trying to watch the new season. As I said last year, I am disappointed with the way WW has gone. Even in lockdown, I can find better entertainment. This season has had its good moments. Aaron Paul’s story line is intriguing, but it’s not enough. Tell me a story I don’t need three podcasts and a NYT review to figure out. I’m gone. I’ll keep your feed alive. If you find anything worth my time, let me know. Stay well! Bill O in NY

  2. Bill Oehrlein Apr 13, 2020

    Roberto and John, Yes, I left my my last message after episode 3. I listened to your review of 3-04 but I can’t bring myself to watch it I don’t need to be teased. I’ll watch shows that entertain me. I already went to college. I don’t need to be challenged anymore. Now I want to see shows like “Better Call Saul”. Shows that tell a story and make me smile. Stay well my friends. I’ll listen to your reviews. Bill O in NY