Please share your feedback, comments, and theories on Episode 04 of Westworld, “Dissonance Theory” – airing on Sunday October 23. We’ll make sure to discuss your thoughts in the podcast!

Dolores joins a bounty hunt in the badlands with William and Logan; Dr. Ford and Theresa talk about the park’s future; Maeve is disturbed by a vision; The Man in Black makes a significant discovery on his quest.

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One comment on “Feedback Post – Ep 04: Dissonance Theory

  1. cokelogic Oct 24, 2016

    A much more straight forward episode than before. I feel we have a clearer view on the Man In Black’s motives in WestWorld. To turn the park into a real and dangerous place, where bullets kill you. Which is going to conflict with Ford’s vision of moving on from the old park to something new. As Ford was tearing up land and destroying old buildings.