Please share your feedback, comments, and theories below after watching Episode 04 of Season 02 of Westworld, “The Riddle of the Sphinx” – airing on Sunday, May 13. You can also email us at – we’ll make sure to discuss your thoughts in the podcast!

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3 comments on “Feedback Post – Ep 14: The Riddle of the Sphinx

  1. Brian Morris May 15, 2018

    I hope this message finds you both well. This was a solid episode in my opinion. It answered many of my questions but created a few more.
    It was nice to see Stubbs and Elsie again and find out about their fates. The opening scene of the season, Bernard waking on the beach, makes more sense to me now. I think the entire QA (the reaction team of mercenaries) knows that Bernard is not only a host but a damaged host. That is why they are treating him the way they are.
    I thought that the Ghost Nation were programmed to protect humans by Elsie but that must not be the case, at least not with the information we have at this time. Stubbs makes the comment to Grace that the Ghost Nation is only killing other hosts, that must be why they attacked Maeve’s party last week.
    I do not really understand why they keep trying to replicate Mr. Delos over and over again. I get it that he wants to live forever but if he suddenly shows up twenty-five years later there would be questions and he would challenge William’s power. I would have liked it better if it was Logan who lived his life in a cage.
    I understand destroying the broken Delos after each attempt but burning everything? That seems like expensive overkill. What did that fish every do? I guess money really means nothing for these people.

    Who was the Red Ball that Ford sent Bernard for? My bet is for Ford himself. Based on the actions of the hosts someone is still running a story. I think the only truly enlightened host is Maeve (and maybe Bernard), all of the rest are just acting according to some script, including Delores.
    There is a plan that someone controls.


  2. What do you think about Bernard’s scar disappearing after his cortical fluid injection.


  3. William is a host. Maybe…
    He is showing empathy for the hosts, watching McCraddock do exactly what he did to Lawrence in season 1.

    I’m kinda wondering if Elsie is part of everything? She didn’t seem to surprised that Bernard was a host. Maybe she added something to his code when he blacked out? Why else would she let him hold the rifle?

    And who is the clone host Bernard was picking up? Maybe Arnold?

    And that can’t be Logan’s ending. Just like that? And didn’t Williams wife take pills?

    So much!!!