Please share your feedback, comments, and theories below after watching Episode 10 of Season 02 of Westworld, “The Passenger” – airing on Sunday, June 24. You can also email us at – we’ll make sure to discuss your thoughts in the podcast!

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3 comments on “Feedback Post – Ep 20: The Passenger

  1. Gary Dowell Jun 25, 2018

    During one of the scenes in the Forge’s “library” we get a glimpse at the pages of a book Dolores is flipping through, and the code for the guest that it contained appears to resemble the music rolls for the player piano. I thought that was a nice touch.

  2. Andrea Jun 28, 2018

    So i’ve Only watched this episode once, but to be clear, once the hosts enter the virtual world, no one can have access to their consciousness ever again, right? Which leaves it open for Maeve, Hector, & Armistice to return.
    Teddy’s consciousness is loaded into the virtual world, so he can’t come back? Right? But then who did “Halores” (Charlotte/Dolores) put in Charlottes host body in the real world? So confused!

    AND, Stubbs… I don’t think he is a host, but is basically trying to be on Dolores’s side because he knows what’s up and the Delos people treated him horribly. When the uprising starts, he probably wants to be safe.
    Last, do you think Lee was a host? I only say this because Ghost Nation tried to grab him earlier in the season. But then, Maeve would’ve known, right?. I don’t know.

    All i know is the best part was Maeve leading that bad ass charge of bulls. Such a freakin beautifully shot scene.

    Thanks. Sorry so long. Love your podcast!!! Until next year and Game of Thrones!

  3. Bill O in NY Jul 3, 2018

    Roberto & John, Thanks for an excellent season of podcasts. I’m extremely disappointed with season of WESTWORLD, I may watch the next season, but I won’t bother trying to understand it. Being confusing just for the sake on being confusing isn’t good story telling. I’ll watch for the great scenery and acting.

    At the beginning of this season I said I was listening to four podcasts and only had time for two.

    Radio Westworld is number one! Dave and Joanna are second. The Bald Guys get honorable mention for being the first to hit iTunes each week, I have to keep my finger on the fast forward button but they make some good points.

    I can’t promise I’ll be listening next season, but I hope you’ll be watching and podcasting about TV worth watching!